Three Steps to Take Before Applying for Commercial Loans

Applying for a commercial loan is intimidating if you haven’t gone through the process before. Successfully landing a loan for your business could mean the difference between obtaining capital that you need in order to expand and staying stuck in the same rut, year after year. As with anything that has to do with your business, being prepared is the key to navigating safely through to the loan your business needs.

Commercial LoansGet Your Business Plan in Order

Before you apply for commercial loans, it is a good idea to get your business plan in the best shape possible. Lenders make a decision about whether or not you are a good risk based on many factors, but your business plan gives them a good idea of how you intend to manage your business. According to, your business plan should include very specific information. How you expect to work out cash flow, what you expect your expenses to be, and the analysis you have done on your particular niche should all be detailed within the business plan. A well-written business plan could make the difference between walking out empty-handed and being at least partially funded.

Gather All of Your Paperwork

Not only will you need a fully functional business plan, but you should also gather every other piece of paperwork that pertains to your business. The U. S. Small Business Administration has a checklist that can help you to determine whether you have everything that the lender might want. Some of the items to gather include your business plan, personal and business credit reports, personal and business tax returns, bank and other financial statements, and any legal documents involving your company. Once you have a complete portfolio to take with you for your meeting with a potential lender, you don’t have to worry that they will ask for information or paperwork that you do not have with you.

Read Up on Commercial Loan Offerings

The final step before you apply for commercial loans is to educate yourself on commercial loan offerings and terminology. For anyone who is not familiar with these terms, the paperwork to apply for a loan can seem as though it is written in a foreign language. You need to be able to understand exactly what you are applying for and what the terms and conditions of the agreement mean. Sites such as can help you to learn as much as you can about the type of loan you’re hoping to obtain. Once you have a solid understanding about commercial loans, applying for one and making it through the interview process will be much easier.

Once you have everything in line, you’re ready to apply for your commercial loan. New businesses can have a difficult time getting a loan, but stay open to the process, and ask questions of your potential lender. When they see that you are actively involved in the loan application, that will go a long way toward ensuring that they are willing to work with you.